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Seating is provided for up to 200 people, using 4-top high-impact PVC chairs and tables, allowing for easy setup of your room. You'll find a floorplan of the main hall here.

Range, refrigerator, and freezer are provided. You will need to provide all other serving and preparation items, including bowls, plates, flatware, napkins, etc.


The stage is 16' wide by 12' deep, 24" high, with stair unit at the stage left side. Outside access to the stage is provided by a door off the stage left side. A large oak podium is available, if needed.

Two large speakers (15" woofer, 5" midrange, 5" tweeter horn) are powered by a Crown CE2000 power amplifier. Audio is mixed via a Phonic 16-channel audio mixer. Two floor wedges are provided for stage monitors, powered by a Crown CE1000 power amplifier. One Shure TV58D Diversity Wireless hand microphone is available, along with numerous SM58-type wired microphones. All mikes have boom stands. Audio playback capabilities include DVD, CD, Karaoke Video CD, Cassette and MiniDV.

Four, 36-inch Sharp CRT video monitors are suspended from the ceiling trusses, providing excellent coverage throughout the hall. In addition, two 19-inch monitors face the stage for use by the presenter. Video playback sources available are: DVD, VHS, Karaoke/VideoCD, MiniDV, and Hi-8. Broadcast television may also be fed to the monitors if desired, through the VHS deck.

All lighting in the facility is dimmable, providing just the right atmosphere for your event. The stage is lit by 12, 75-watt track lights. The room is lit by 10, glass "china hat"-type fixtures hung from the ceiling trusses, at a height of 12 feet.

Parking is available adjacent to the building, for up to 75 vehicles.